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Trees and Trucks

The ground is shifting under our feet. We watch as Canadians get literally trampled by their own government. Canadians! Who ever thought this would happen there? When I say this I mean the violent and careless actions of the police and government. It is painful to watch. I feel for those people, watching their vets stand united, being pushed back by police officers with tears in their eyes about what has happened to their great country. It was reported today that the Canadian government is giving Canadian banks the names of people involved in the protest. “a first step in a promised financial crackdown on demonstrators being instituted by the far-left government of Justin Trudeau.” Said

Hopefully there are many more Canadians on their way to Ottawa as we speak.

However, while we need to support Canada, we have our own policy and political battles to fight here in America. One is getting ready to roll out. Although, it seems this issue transcends nations and is more of a people issue. This is a personal freedoms issue, and it doesn’t get more personal than putting something inside your body.

It has been a long time since the Tree of Liberty has been watered. Are we as a people strong enough to carry that out? Or will we let government tear that down as they have done to so many historical monuments.

Americans have sat quietly dozing while government grows more tyrannical, more socialist, and tries to strip our freedoms from us. While it has taken much longer than I had thought, America and the rest of the world is waking up. Parents are standing for their kids, going to school board meetings, and becoming more engaged. The left wants you disengaged, they don’t want you to pay attention. They know people will not like what they see happening if they look. The left made a mistake and now between the parents standing for their children and truckers standing for our liberty, the left has entered an arena that they won’t make it out of alive, politically speaking. As in the arena of ideas that Rush always used to mention. You thought I meant violence? Of course not, we will leave that to the brownshirts under the orders of tyrants.

People are waking up to their lies and tyranny, and the elitists are growing nervous. All their decades planning, all the billions they have spent towards this goal are about to be destroyed. They will not let this happen; the world is about to become a much scarier place. The pressure these elitists will put on governments, (some of which they have bought and paid for), and people will be incredible. They want to make you suffer so you come to government of your own free will and beg for a handout, anything. Once you depend on government you have already lost. You may stand with us now, but you will faulter because you need government, or at least they made you think you do. The convoy will soon be rolling in America. They are going to the swamp, into the belly of this gigantic beast we call Washington D.C. What will happen when they arrive? How long will they stay? More importantly, how many will come, how many will support this.

If you have not made plans to be in Washington D.C. yet, it’s time to get rolling, (see what I did there😊). Have no doubt, the truckers will be calling on us. We must answer as if it is America’s last call, because it very well will be. If the truckers receive no back up, they will be removed, defeated, and punished for their dissent. That will be the moment that it becomes clear to ones who weren’t paying attention, they didn’t see that their government is tyrannical. A government that crushes its people into submission, into compliance, and eventually serfdom. They will site the truckers and how they were defeated, and the people will get in line. The loud ones of us who still stand will be easy to cut down when we stand alone, and the weak will watch as it happens.

Make no mistake, this is about much more than a mandate. This is freedoms last stand, we are it. If we fail here, there is no where left to go. America is the last great hope of freedom and liberty in the world. That may sound crazy but you have to realize, this is the beginning. For the last 2 years governments all around the world have been testing their people. How much will they take? Will they act obediently? Will they push back? If so how hard? People will follow blindly, and now they know how easy their populations are to control.

So get involved with a convoy, go out and show support, and if need be go to D.C. to support them.

This is freedoms army. They have the power to shut the country down, and they need to use it when it comes to that, because it will come to that. Governors and other leaders are already pulling back on their overreach with just the idea of a convoy. Think what will happen when it actually rolls through their state, city, or town.

This is it Americans. The call is coming, this will be the last stand of freedom in America. Will we survive? Or will we let the truckers be swallowed up by the swamp, the first casualties in a lost fight for freedom.

They have all the power, they have been indoctrinating kids for decades in the public education system, the have succeeded in creating glow faced zombies who are conditioned to think that government has their best interests in mind. They are passive, weak minded, lemmings who blindly do as they are told. That is why so few liberals can even offer an opinion on something. Or if they do, that is all it is, an opinion. However, they are not all lost. Some just weren’t told the truth, some were lied to. Liberals aren’t bad people, they just “know so much that isn’t so”, as President Reagan said once.

We need tech rehab for some people. Hold the Line!

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