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Watching Biden speak and stumble today about Covid, it dawned on me, history is clearly repeating itself. America today is starting to look like Germany almost 100 years ago. Before you yell at me about comparing this to the concentration camps, I am not doing that. I am comparing it to what happened to get them to the concentration camps. Biden just blamed, vilified, and used the unvaccinated as scapegoats. Blaming all Americas problems on the unvaccinated. Even going so far as to say we are the reason the economy is in the self-induced free fall because of their policies. That he understands why vaccinated are so angry with the unvaccinated. Discrediting and dehumanizing us to the point of almost condoning violence upon us. Forced vaccinations are on the way. Los Angeles County just voted to make vaccines mandatory for students over age 12.

This is unacceptable. The damage being done to everyone by this illegitimate administration is heartbreaking. Biden’s puppet masters are destroying America on purpose. They have had their plans out in the open since the 1960’s but no one pays attention.

Spanish philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,”

Disclaimer – It is a shame that I even need to type this part, however I will. I am not comparing the RESULTS of the holocaust to the situation currently brewing here in America. I know this is the go-to accusation we get from the left when anyone suggests similarities between Germany in that era. The point of that predictable response is to make the person making the comparison look anti-Semitic, and therefore making it easy to dismiss the person as well as their opinions. Effectively silencing the opposing ideas, sometimes even without having to present their own.

World War 2 began when Hitler and Nazis invaded Poland on September 1st of 1939. Just the month before Hitler signed a nonaggression treaty with Stalin, then the leader of Russia, he would later break that treaty.

Most of us know what happened after that, but what lead up to that point?

In 1920, Germany was a democratic government with a free press. Hitler formed the Nazi party returning a wounded veteran of WW1. He was angry about the sanctions and the crushing Treaty of Versailles. The reparations, (33 billion), helped to destabilize the German economy.

In 1933, Hitler convinced German President Paul von Hindenburg to draft an “emergency decree”. This suspended the right to hold public assemblies, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and other civil liberties. They were gone with the stroke of a pen. Police were also now able to detain people for any, or for no reason.

Today in America we wonder how much longer we will have freedom of speech? Higher education and the press have been taken over by the left. The yellow star of David may look more like a smart phone form as it rises again with the propaganda created to dehumanize non-vaccinated people. Hitler made it mandatory for boys to join the Nazi Youth Organization, the Hitler Youth. Girls were compelled to join the League of German Maidens. The Hitler Youth dressed their boys in military style uniforms and focused political indoctrination and physical conditioning. Preparing these boys to be future soldiers. Essentially, they took over education and had these young minds to shape and mold as they wished. That is happening here and has been for decades. Teachers were forced to join the Nazi Teachers Association which reviewed their racial and political suitability. Soon they changed the subject matter to make math and science less important and focused more on ideology. The idea was to basically brainwash kids so they would accept the Nazi ideas without question. That again sounds a little bit like today doesn’t it? The dumbing down of society is a real thing. Even before Hitler and the Nazis took power in 1933, they were carrying out a plan to dehumanize the Jewish population. There were 3 basic step 1. Prejudice In order to begin dehumanizing the Jews, Hitler set to create prejudice against the Jewish population. Hitler wanted to create unreasonable and hostile feelings toward them. Socially separating the Jewish people from the general population by turning the people against them. Later in 1935 when they passed the Nuremberg Laws—which attempted to prevent relationships between Aryans and Jews, “Gypsies, Negroes, and their bastard offspring,” and made so-called “race defilement” a crime.

He created prejudice against the Jews by scapegoating them. The Nazis blamed them for all of the problems in German society. They began printing and distributing large amounts of propaganda, the point of which was to again, dehumanize them.

Does any of this sound familiar yet?

Some of their propaganda showed things like Jews as horned devil, rats on the Star of David, some showed Jews. They presented the Jew as parasites that fed off their Germany. There was an all-out assault on the Jewish people, turning the citizenry against them and building unfounded fear and hate towards these outsiders. To include gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses. Furthermore, they considered people as genetically inferior and a danger to national health. These included handicapped people such as the blind or deaf or mentally disabled., Alcoholics and drug users as well. So they could move to the next step… Discrimination

2. Discrimination

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 where the Nazi government declared that Jews were second class citizens, and designated “subjects” of the state.

Are you sure this isn’t starting to sound familiar? I know it is taboo to compare anything to the Nazi’s but study your history. What seems to be brewing in America is going to be a firestorm coming down on the non-Vaxxed people. Vaxism is real folks. I know it sound ridiculous, but just look at the stuff coming out of the white house and our government. All over the world people are being attacked verbally, financially, physically, and so on, just because they won’t inject something inside of there bodies. What happened to “My Body! My Choice!”? Second class citizens, our Liberty is in serious jeopardy.

So, discrimination. This consisted of identifying by forcing the Jewish population to wear yellow Stars of David. Discrimination would be easy now. They had been successful in their propaganda campaign, causing the German population to find it socially acceptable to discriminate and assault Jews. At this point, nothing stood in their way. They had succeeded in dehumanizing and now had their own useful idiots carrying out their work. Ratting out their Jewish neighbors to the Nazi’s. More discriminatory laws would be passed, soon violence was perpetrated on the Jewish population with impunity. Jewish people would hide in their homes, as when they went into public, people would hurl horrible insults and sometimes even physically assault them. They knew they could do to with no consequences. You know, this rings true in the way the un-vaxxed are beginning to be treated here in America today. Everywhere you look media is blaming the weaker Delta variant on the unvaccinated people. Some even claim this is simply a pandemic of the un-vaxxed now. Turning public opinion against people who don’t want to take a “vaccine”. Blaming all societies problems on un-vaccinated people. We are slowly becoming the enemy of the people. Recently youtuber Mark Dice put out a video where he pretended to be trying to get signatures to mandate the vaccine and put the un-vaxxed in jail, but only until they take the shot. I wonder how long until FEMA camps have trainloads of the disgusting and selfish un-vaxxed being shipped in.

Finally, we have arrived at the final step.

3. Persecution

Jews began being taken from their homes; their valuables taken. They were placed in ghettos, soon the “Night of Broken Glass”. November 9th and 10th, 1938. Hundreds of synagogues all over German we wrecked, vandalized, and set on fire. Firefighters were ordered to let the synagogues burn, but to prevent that fire from spreading to other structures. Jewish shops had their windows broken, and their stores looted. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated. Jews were attacked by Nazi storm troopers, 91 Jews, (maybe more), died in the pogrom.

You see, Hitler was able to get a whole nation to persecute class of people. He turned his subjects into his own army of useful idiots, a term coined by Stalin.

When you dream of the future, remember the past or you will surely repeat it.

In the 1930’s Hitler divided a nation. In 2021 Biden is dividing this nation, (or whoever tells him what to do is).

A key part too the Nazi machine was to identify, and then define the enemy. Anyone who posed a threat to the Aryan race. The laws that they passed and the propaganda that the Nazis produced and distributed promoted a “national community”, and more importantly identified who should be excluded. They created a society that became tolerant of violence against the Jews.

Does any of that sound familiar?

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

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