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When the Trucks Leave

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The days are shorter, the nights much colder. Suddenly it seems the winds have shifted and begun to blow their cold, cruel reality in the face of sleepy Americans. They wake to find that fascism is here. It moved in whilst they were asleep and planted its roots firmly. It educated generations of useful idiots to believe their propaganda and regurgitate it all over everyone they encounter, so they might feel important and get a taste of the approval that they didn’t get at home. Posting about things just to be the first and in doing so, they are almost always ensuring they’re wrong first.

Understand this. I believe this Freedom Convoy thing is going to be the beginning of a revolution that touches every corner of the earth. This is the 2nd shot heard round the world. What happens after that depends on how governments respond. How will the U.S. Government respond, and how far will the American people go to regain our liberties?

There are forces working against this Convoy from the people throwing buckets of nails or bricks at them from the overpasses. To the ones at Fascist-Book who are closing our pages and even creating new ones as decoys to lure people and confuse the movement, (we recommend Wimkin and ). They already have us splintered, starting new groups on fascist-book is not the answer. They still have control, why are we planning our revolution in the opposition’s guestroom? Do we trust them not to listen? Not to sabotage? If we do, then we deserve to fail. How can we have any faith in the leadership that gets shut down and censored and then returns, to make a new one on the same platform? Think harder… it doesn’t make sense. The people who don’t usually pay attention, now are. They see the overreach of the government. They see facebook shutting down groups with over 100,000 members. They see the garbage that GoFundMe is pulling, and this is where we find common ground with our liberal friends. You see, you can’t paint the left with one big brush, they are not all the same. We can find common ground with liberals; They may have different views, but they love America. It is the Soros funded; anti-American, useful idiots that need to be defeated. Swiftly and without mercy, these fools aim to put your kids in chains. Treating them as assets rather than people. For more on this, read just about any of my previous articles. So how do we stop the movement from being destroyed? We pay attention. We speak up, we fight back. We support these truckers; they are exactly the army we need at this time. They are built for this and they MUST be supported. We have the power to bring this tyrannical government to its knees. We have the power to remove the cancer that is lurking all through the halls of Washington D.C. and restore America to the shining city on a hill that it is. The leftists don’t want that to happen, have you ever asked yourself why?

So with the far-left, the media, and most of the government against us we press on. With all the groups being shut down, the money being frozen, stolen, false news stories, accusations of fascism, fake convoy sites and pages? We press on, not because we want the truth, but because we know the truth.

I came across one person who was an admin on 7 different convoy sights. All of which were asking for money. Even though the pages were pretty sketchy, some people don’t know and they think they are helping the mission when they donate to them. They just wanted to help the cause and they ended up helping the frauds.

It is good that facebook bans us and gofundme steals from us. It is the only thing getting this into the news at all. Even when we are in the news, the stories aren’t about the movement, they are about what facebook, or gofundme did. Considering that due to the media, many people don’t even know about the convoys. Imagine, a media blackout on the biggest convoy in world history. I wonder why that is? Actually I don’t, I know exactly why. Look who controls the media. Trace parent company to parent company and on down the line. You’ll find it in 2020 it boiled down to about 6 corporations controlling 90% of all media. I went to research it and couldn’t seem to find a clear answer to a question that was easy to answer only a year ago. To be fair, (and a tad bit lazy), I gave up after about 15 minutes.

Make no mistake about it, if this fails, there will be no mention of it in the history books. However, if we succeed, history will show this movement as the 2nd shot heard around the world. This is serious business. Understand that history tells us that once liberties have been lost, they have never been reacquired without force.

It is important that we act as one. That we support our truckers and if they are attacked, they MUST be defended. It cannot be like the Jan 6th political prisoners. The media was able to turn the people against them. What were their charges again, these people that have been in the D.C. jail for over a year?

When I see the trucks rolling, I know they are heading out to pick up our liberty and claim back our freedoms. They have put us and everything important to us on their shoulders. It is imperative that they succeed in the mission. For them to do that we need to succeed in ours. We must stand in the gap, we must hold the line, we must clear the way.

We are Americans, that is what we do. We need everyone on this one, the usual suspects of course, but you as well. If you aren’t quite sure if I mean you, yes, I mean you. Stand up and show support, go to an overpass, bring the truckers some food or sponsor a tank of gas for a trucker. Buy a flag and hang it in your yard, or put a sign in the window. We need everyone in on this one. If you can help purchase a flag or a poster and display them. This helps other people find the courage to speak up as well.

If you aren’t in our area, that’s okay, stay as a member. We will be here for the next thing as well. But, please find a group that is more local if you prefer, whatever works best for you. To sum up, thank you for your patience during this process. I am personally swamped with website work, new plans and trying to keep everyone updated while also trying to keep everything running smoothly from this office. As I mentioned, there are forces at work against us, and they have caused us to splinter off into many different places. We have real groups, and we have fake groups, all the confusion caused by big tech has made it easy for scammers to move in as well as bad actors from facebook themselves.

The leftist have been in revolution against us for decades. This is the beginning of our counter-revolution. Are you ready? RSP

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